What does it cost the veteran for a flight?

Veterans pay nothing for these trips, its our pleasure to offer our veterans this experience to travel to their memorial at No Cost. Airfare, lodging, meals, and ground transportation cost are covered by generous donations to the UHF program by private and corporate donors.

Can my spouse be my guardian?

Spouses of veterans do not go on the trips unless the spouse is a veteran. With thousands of veterans on the national waiting list, HFN simply does not have the time, resources, room on the bus, nor the guardians available to include and care for non-veteran spouses during these trips.

Exceptions to this policy are rare and must be made with majority consent of the local HFN Hub board.

Do I need to bring a wheelchair?

No, UHF well see to it that wheel chairs will be available to our veterans for the entire trip.

I need O2 can I take my O2 cylinders with?

O2 cylinder’s are not allowed on Commercial aircraft. UHF will help make arrangements to have a O2 concentrator available for the flight and O2 cylinders available while in Washington DC. These will be provided at no cost. If there is a charge for O2 concentrators by your medical gas supplier the UHF hub will cover those costs.

How do sponsored flights work with the "first come, first serve" policy?

In accordance with the national HFN policy, the participation or non-participation of a sponsored veterans program is at the discretion of the Utah Honor Flight Board. UHF’s Board must determine to accept or decline the offer of sponsorship.
After being approved by the UHF Board, sponsors may choose to sponsor veterans who may or may not be on the waiting list and can choose to sponsor a specific group of veterans past on demographic (ex: county sponsored flight, women only flight, etc.) The UHF Board strongly recommends that sponsors allow for at least 30% of veterans on the flight be from the current UHF Wait List.

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